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Imerys trespass warning as lockdown restrictions ease

Dear All,

Please find below a press release the Company has made in relation to trespass:-

Imerys trespass warning as lockdown restrictions ease

With improved weather on the horizon, Easter holidays upon us and lockdown restrictions set to be eased, Imerys Minerals is calling on residents and visitors planning walks and others leisure activities in mid-Cornwall to ensure they keep off operational and former clay sites.

Members of the public are being reminded that, unless clearly indicated, Clay Country sites are subject to strict mines and quarry regulations, are not open for public access and are not suitable for recreational purposes.

Imerys will be stepping up patrols and working closely with Devon and Cornwall Police to enforce the rules and if necessary, bring prosecutions against anyone found cutting fences, damaging gates or illegally entering Imerys land on foot or with vehicles or motorcycles.

Anyone trespassing on Imerys sites is putting themselves at serious risk of harm, with these areas harbouring many hidden dangers such as steep drops, deep cold water, and large vehicles and machines that pose a significant threat to life.
There have been numerous incidents over the years including a boy who was airlifted to hospital after sliding down the side of a pit; another boy who had to be rescued by the fire service after getting stuck in wet clay and many near misses involving motorbikes and large mobile plant vehicles and machinery working in the clay pits.

Not only are trespassers risking their own safety, but that of Imerys and emergency service workers who have to respond through rescue operations.

Ashley Shopland, Imerys UK Hub & BA CSR Director, said: "There is ample opportunity in Mid Cornwall to enjoy the surroundings here, including using the network of public footpaths and Clay Trails, without entering Imerys operational land. We want to send a clear message to people that trespassing is not only incredibly dangerous, it is illegal and could lead to prosecution."

Anyone witnessing trespassing on Imerys sites is asked to call Imerys Clay Control on 01726 828800.

Kind Regards,

1st April 2021